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Become Part of My Support Team

Support Team Ruben

Your participation in my support team allows me to devote my time full-time to my work and passion, helping realize global development projects that contribute to combating poverty and sharing Jesus' love to people living in poverty and need.

To become part of my support team , I would like to ask you to follow the following steps

Thank you very much in advance for your donation and I would like to keep you informed about my work for Hungry For Life.

- Ruben Verheij

Step 1: Fill in your details

Do you only want to receive the newsletter? Please, only fill in the required fields.

Selecteer een optie

Bedankt voor je support! Je donatie kun je via stap 2 overmaken.

Step 2: Transfer your donation

Monthly donations

You can transfer this via your internet banking app or website.

Follow the following steps:

1. Enter: The amount

2. Name of recipient: " Diaconie Protestantse Gemeente Rijnsburg"

3. Account number: NL28 RABO 0356 821714

4. Description: "Gift Hungry For Life"

5. Select: "monthly transfer"

6. Accept the payment in the app p


One-time donations

Press the button to make a one-time donation. Or scan the QR with your phone.


Your donation via this website will be processed by the Diaconie of the Protestant Municipality of Rijnsburg. This is recognized by the Tax Authorities as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI). You may deduct your donation from income tax. Your bank statement serves as proof for the declaration.

Protestant Community of Rijnsburg

Since I was born, I have been a member of the Protestant Community of Rijnsburg, the community where my family has been going for generations and which is closely linked to village life in Rijnsburg. I am grateful that the PGR is sending me out into the world and doing my work for Hungry For Life. In prayer and support from the church, I feel encouraged to do this work.

As part of one body in Christ, we as Christians are connected all over the world. Through my work I hope to connect the PGR with the churches and Christians I meet worldwide, from my congregation in Chilliwack to the church under the thatched roof in Haiti.

My Home Team will arrange all things within the PGR that I cannot arrange from Canada. If you have any questions, you can always contact me or them.

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