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My name is Ruben Verheij

Based on my passion for development work and my compassion for people living in poverty, I have been working for Hungry For Life in Chilliwack, Canada since September 2022. I work as a Project Manager and Mission Focusing Consultant. I work closely with both Canadian and international partners to realize development projects that contribute to poverty alleviation and supporting church communities worldwide.

Hungry For Life uses the 100% model, where 100% of donations go to the assigned project. To be able to do my work full-time, I need financial support.


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We support leaders to cultivate spiritual vibrancy and human flourishing


We envision thriving global communities

Hungry For Life is a Christian relief and development organization that connects international partners and Canadian churches and groups. The mission is to eradicate mental and physical poverty from the world.

Instead of asking for donations and goods from groups, churches and companies, Hungry For Life helps local Canadian partners to be directly involved in development work.

At Hungry For Life I work as a Mission Focusing Consultant and Project Manager. On the one hand, I am responsible for relationships with international partners who work in the communities. Together we work on organizing development projects in various areas, such as education, healthcare, agriculture, church planting and leadership development.

On the other hand, I work as a Mission Focusing Consultant for the Canadian partners where I will guide them in creating a good sustainable relationship with an international community in order to contribute to the eradication of physical and mental poverty in the world.

A dual function, with both challenges and opportunities to develop myself in Canada and in the developing countries where Hungry For Life is active.

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